Boehner Calls the President’s Bluff

Douglas Holtz-Eakin
The Corner
National Review

…the president has steadfastly opposed moving ahead with the Keystone XL pipeline, a lock-solid job-creator that would also improve economic relations with the largest trading partner of the United States. Feigning a concern over unknown environmental implications — there is simply nothing to be learned over the next year — he has threatened to veto any legislative attempt to move ahead, even if it is paired with his proposed payroll tax cut.

He’s a one-man circular firing squad.

Fortunately, Speaker John Boehner has kept his eye on the jobs objective and will attempt to move through the Congress a bill that includes Keystone XL. Perhaps this will be he moment that finally reveals the president’s real motivation. Will he pursue the pro-growth objectives that presumably coincide with his need to have a stronger economy to get reelected? Or has he given up on the recovery and decided that the route to election is to divide America, pander to progressives, and relegate overall well-being to the back seat?

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…The Keystone project would create 20,000 construction jobs…

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