Boehner: No chance Senator Obama would give President Bush unlimited borrowing power

William Bigelow
Big Government
14 Dec 2012

John Boehner pointed out the obvious on Thursday, noting that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and then-Sen. Barack Obama would never have given President George W. Bush freedom to raise the debt ceiling as high as he wished.

Boehner asked a reporter, “Do you think that Senator Reid or then-Senator Obama would have ever given to President George W. Bush the unlimited ability to raise the debt limit?”  When the reporter responded, “They’re talking about doing it now”, Boehner followed with another question:

I know they’re talking about doing it now … Do you think there’s any chance that Senator Reid or then-Senator Obama would have done that? Zero!

Obama has already alluded to his desire for unilateral authority to raise the debt limit…

The article continues at Big Government.

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