‘Breitbart’ as a Verb

A new film chronicles one man’s war against media bias.

Robert Stacy McCain
The American Spectator

The time elapsed between the exposure of David Chalian‘s hateful remarks and his firing as the D.C. bureau chief of Yahoo News was astonishingly brief. At 10:22 a.m. Wednesday, Matthew Sheffield posted video showing Chalian, accidentally caught in an open-microphone moment during an ABC News online broadcast, making a sick “joke” that Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign was indifferent to suffering caused by Hurricane Isaac: “They’re not concerned at all. They are happy to have a party with black people drowning.” Within three hours, Chalian was fired — “terminated effective immediately,” Yahoo said in a press statement that included an apology to Romney, to the GOP nominee’s campaign staff, and to “anyone who was offended.”

About a half hour after Chalian was fired, in a theater near the Tampa Bay Times Forum where the Republican National Convention is meeting this week, a new documentary film made its world premiere. Hating Breitbart chronicles the career of a man who dedicated his life to fighting the dishonesty and prejudices of what he called the Democrat-Media Complex. Among the “stars” of the movie, appearing as an expert commentator on liberal bias and Andrew Breitbart’s war against it, is a young man named Matthew Sheffield — the founding editor of the Media Research Center’s Newsbusters site, and the same Matthew Sheffield who exposed Chalian’s career-destroying gaffe

Breitbart died of a heart attack in March, but his crusade against media bias lives on, so that it is possible to name what happened to the former D.C. bureau chief of Yahoo News: David Chalian got Breitbarted

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