Breitbart updates the Pigford story

Ed Morrissey

On Saturday while at the Americans for Prosperity conference in San Diego, I got a few minutes to talk to Andrew Breitbart about the story and the scandal of the Pigford settlements. It’s a very complicated story, as Andrew explains in this 20-minute interview just before an hour-long presentation to the conference, which has made it difficult for some to follow. His efforts at Big Journalism have turned up a slew of documents and depositions from an earlier FBI probe into the Pigford I and Pigford II settlements, and Andrew says he has evidence — on video and audio — that shows a great deal of fraud in pursuing the class action against the USDA. The people who wound up suffering were those black farmers who actually suffered discrimination and “torture” (Andrew’s word), and who are all but cut out of the money as a result of efforts to turn this into a cash cow.

Who benefits from this? Andrew explains, and also says that the story will be breaking wide open in the coming days. Be sure to watch this all the way through.

Update: Eyeblast seems to have failed to generate a usable embed. I’ve broken it into two parts and uploaded it to YouTube instead…

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