C-SPAN video: IRS scrutiny of non-profit organizations, June 4, 2013

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The House Ways and Means Committee held the fifth Congressional hearing on the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS. Lawmakers heard testimony from groups that were subjected to delays and extra scrutiny during the targeting efforts.

Six groups to appear before Ways and Means

Six groups have been scheduled to give first-person accounts of the IRS’s targeting of conservative organizations on Tuesday, the House Ways and Means Committee announced Monday.

The Ways and Means hearing on Tuesday is set to be the first to hear directly from groups seeking tax-exempt status that say they were singled out for their politics.

John Eastman, the president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) – a prominent group opposing same-sex marriage – is among those scheduled to appear, after NOM announced plans last month to sue the IRS.

The marriage group says the IRS leaked confidential tax information to the Human Rights Campaign, a key supporter of same-sex marriage. NOM broadcast its plans to sue shortly after the IRS apologized for the extra scrutiny it gave to groups with “Tea Party” and “patriots” in their name….

Hearing Witness List


CAJ note: At this time the four and a half hour video is not embeddable. Readers may watch it at C-SPAN.


Update: White House Counsel Robert Bauer: Architect of IRS Abuse?

When the FBI finally fires up its criminal investigation of the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups, there is one person the special agent in charge better be sure to interview — former White House Counsel Robert Bauer. The FBI may discover the whole IRS mess leads through the land of campaign finance “reform” and an obsession with speech regulation, an obsession shared by Bauer.

Any criminal investigation identifies for further scrutiny those with motive, opportunity, and means, and Bauer deserves no quarter from FBI investigators on those three counts…



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