Cameraman’s Last Thai Footage Before Death

Tim Hewage
Sky News Online [UK]
13 April 2010

Extraordinary footage taken by a cameraman of shocking violence in the Bangkok riots, moments before he was shot dead, has been released.

The Japanese man [Hiro Muramoto] was in the Thai capital covering the unrest for Reuters news agency.

He filmed as the clashes between troops and anti-government protesters escalated and bullets began to fly.

Some 21 people were killed in the weekend’s violence – Hiro Muramoto was one of them.

On Saturday, troops were trying clear one of two sites that had been occupied by the protesters for the past month.

Heavily-armed officers were struggling to contain the protesters and the chaotic scenes quickly turned lethal.

Mr Muramoto was stood within the ranks of Government troops when a homemade bomb thrown by protesters landed just yards from him.

Unwavering, he continued to film as the troops started to retreat, some of them hopping away with injured feet and legs, and others carrying wounded comrades.

Another bomb landed but Mr Muramoto still carried on filming. Just a short time later he was shot in the chest.

He died before he got to hospital.

His camera and it’s film were returned to Reuters by the anti-government, red-shirt protesters.

The article, with video, continues at Sky News.

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April 12, 2010

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