‘Campaign for America’s Future’

This PDF file is from a June 2009 conference:

“Campaign for America’s Future”

“The Campaign for America’s Future is a center for issue advocacy, communications, and coalition-building to forge a new American majority for progressive reform. The Campaign for America’s Future is shaping forward-looking alliances around strategic policy initiatives to produce expanded economic opportunity, social justice, a healthy environment, and a more democratic society.”

“The Institute for America’s Future”

The Institute for America’s Future is an ‘action institute’ which conducts educational and research activities designed to empower citizens to shape the debate about our country’s economic future. In an era when conservative policies have produced growing insecurity and glaring inequality, our strategic focus is on kitchen-table issues of concern to all Americans: jobs, education, health care, energy independence and retirement security.”

“America’s Future Now! is thankful to Panta Rhea Foundation, Apollo Alliance, Arca, Tides and The Nation for their generous support of our Youth Scholarship Program, which helps cultivate our next generation of Progressive activists.”

Read the rest of the document here. CAJ suggests you download the document if you wish to refer to it in future: items like this are frequently scrubbed from the internet.

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