Can a Republican replace Jesse Jackson Jr.?

Republican candidate Paul McKinley

Republican candidate Paul McKinley


Todd Cefaratti
Human Events

If there’s one thing on which Democrats and Republicans can agree it is that Chicago is a wasteland of drug and gang violence. What seems to separate the two, however, are the solutions proposed. While Democrats propose a strengthening of the policies that have helped create a defenseless population held at the mercy of criminals, Republicans have vocally supported the Second Amendment and the natural right of citizens to defend their homes and families.

Into this debate steps a remarkable candidate, a black Illinois Republican named Paul McKinley. A convicted felon who transformed his life by helping many others transform their own, his tale of redemption is empowering, and his fight against the Chicago Machine is worthy of our support.

In a district teeming with politically shady characters and seething with drug violence long ignored by the Chicago Machine, McKinley is the right choice to represent the district. He understands the corruption of the Chicago machine, the plague of drug violence destroying society, and that no amount of gun control will take one gun out of a criminals hands,. Paul McKinley is today an upstanding member of the community, an organizer who has helped many people change their lives…

…Familiar with both criminality and his community’s inability to defend itself from drug criminals that simply ignore gun laws to commit their nefarious deeds, Paul McKinley has had enough. He ran for Illinois’ 2nd District and won the Republican primary to now go head-to-head against Robin Kelly, a product of the Chicago machine…


The complete article, with video, is at Human Events.

Candidate McKinley discusses a wide range of issues facing Chicago voters on his YouTube page.

Readers who wish to become involved in the campaign can go to McKinley for Congress.


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Obey! It’s for your own good.

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