Cardinal Dolan Lectures Democrats on Abortion, Religious Liberty

Steven Ertelt

In his closing benediction, Timothy Cardinal Dolan gave the kind of benediction that the Obama re-election campaign probably feared he would give when Dolan was initially rejected, and later approved, to give the closing prayer.


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Update:  via Pundit & Pundette

This ad is going to run tonight in the Charlotte area during Obama’s big speech:

…Not only did he vote against saving the lives of these infants, but he made some incredibly chilling remarks about them, as regular readers here are aware. Here’s some of the audio…

Listen at Pundit & Pundette and read Senator Obama’s statement, “Temporarily Alive.”

H/T American Power, Democrat Values Are Not American Values.

Update 2‘F**k Cardinal Dolan!’: Liberals Send Explicit Tweets About Catholic Leader Following Pro-Life Prayer at the DNC

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