Cars towed at Glenn Beck rally

Holly Bristow
Fox 35 News
Orlando, FL

Many Glenn Beck fans are furious after dozens had their cars towed while attending a weekend rally at the University of Central Florida for the popular talk show host.

By the time they returned from the event, their cars were gone. And they said a “tow away zone” sign mysteriously appeared, “out of nowhere.”

This happened near the Kappa Sigma fraternity house along Greek Avenue near the UCF campus in Orlando

“We clearly came in from this direction and that’s the first thing you’d see. It’s not hiding. It’s clearly right there and says tow away zone. But that sign was not there. Right here in its place said event parking,” said Mike Vedder, whose car was towed. “Obviously, there was a sign directing us right into the parking lot.”

In back of the fraternity house, a black and white sign clearly reads “tow away zone,” along with a “no parking” sign posted by the fraternity.

But dozens said there was a yellow event parking sign like, leading them into an adjacent lot.

“Right there where that tow-away sign was there was a yellow sign with dark font that said, ‘event parking,’ with an arrow pointing right,” said Albert Brumfield, who shot video of the signs with a camera.

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