Cash-Strapped, Overtaxed Connecticut Gives $300,000 to Communists

Dave Blount

Watching the numbers fly on the debt clock, downtrodden taxpayers can’t help but admire the federal government’s astonishing gift for wasting vast sums of wealth both stolen and nonexistent. Even state governments can be impressive. For example, in deep blue (or should I say commie red) Connecticut:

Governor Dannel Malloy, with the obedient Democrat legislature in tow, will convene the State Bond Commission on June 4th and push through a $300,000 “grant-in-aid to Progressive Education and Research Associates to finance renovations to the New Haven Peoples Center at 37 Howe Street.” The masquerades of Progressive this and People that aside, 37 Howe Street happens to be the headquarters for the Connecticut Communist Party, run by Joelle Fishman, who also happens to be the regional bureau chief for the infamous Peoples World. Which, yes, also happens to be located at 37 Howe Street…

The article continues at Moonbattery.

Related: But as we were ready to publish just moments ago, we found this: Connecticut Governor Folds on Funding for Communist Party Headquarters

…The governor said:

This particular request has engendered a fair amount of controversy because of the ties — the fully legal ties — of some of the individuals to the Communist Party. But ultimately, what that represents to people who have served in various conflicts became a concern to me

Read the whole thing at Breitbart’s Big Government.

Also, Connecticut Speaker Scandal: The End of One-Party Rule?

A state correction officer and labor union official has been identified as a primary figure in the federal investigation leading up to the arrest, on Wednesday, of Connecticut state House Speaker Chris Donovan’s congressional campaign finance director…

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