LightSquared to FCC: Quit screwing around and give us the approval

Ed Morrissey 12/21/2011

The failure of LightSquared to demonstrate that their product won’t interfere with commercial, military, and aviation GPS may have damaged their bottom line, but it hasn’t dampened their chutzpah. Now, instead of claiming that they will refrain from interfering with millions of existing GPS units, LightSquared has sent the FCC a […]

NTSB wants ban on phones while driving, even ‘hands free’

Chris Woodyard USA Today 12/13/2011

The National Transportation Safety Board is calling for the first-ever nationwide ban on drivers’ use of smartphones, iPods and other personal electronic devices while behind the wheel. The recommendation also includes banning “hands-free” phone devices.

The safety recommendation specifically calls for the 50 states and the District of Columbia to […]

‘Obama’s New Fuel Economy Standards Will Increase Cost of a Car More Than $11,000’

Jeff G. Protein Wisdom 8/19/2011

Utopian thinking runs headlong into reality. Again. CNS News:

The Obama Administration’s new fuel economy standards will cause the retail price of average motor vehicles to increase over $11,000, according to a study conducted by the Center for Automotive Research.“A fuel economy standard of 37.6 mpg is associated with a […]

Obama to End Family Farms

Local TV Report: Globalist National Government’s Assault on Family Farming

Arlen Williams Gulag Bound 8/17/2011

A local Texas news station reports from the front lines, in the warfare of globalist-captured federal government against family farmers.

Video uploaded by MidNightRider2001, 8/2/2011, “Obama To End Family Farms“

ICLEI, Agenda 21 logo, a dove […]

S&P Begins Downgrading Municipalities

Zeke Miller Business Insider 8/8/2011

Standard & Poor’s has begun to downgrade states and municipalities Monday morning after stripping the federal government of its ‘AAA’ rating.

While not unexpected, the move has far-reaching implications for thousands of local governments already burdened by steep deficits.

Among those affected so far:

Tacoma, WA. Atlanta Downtown Development Authority, […]

Black boxes for vehicles to be compulsory by next month

Daily Mail [UK] 25th May 2011

By next month, every driver in the U.S. will be required to have a black box in their vehicle.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will declare that all automobiles are required to contain the event data recorder – similar to those found in aircraft – in order to […]