Former DEA Chief Says Hezbollah Terrorists Eyeing Southwest Border, Warns of ‘Hell to Pay in the Not Too Distant Future’

“I don’t want to sound too crude, but I think there’s going to be hell to pay in the not too distant future.”

Penny Starr 2/2/2012

The Iranian-supported Shi’ite terrorist group Hezbollah has spread its influence all the way to the U.S. border with Mexico, a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on […]

Iran Terror Plot in US Thwarted; Could have killed US Senators

Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. The Jawa Report 10/11/2011

Wow, this is big. Iran is the largest state sponsor of terror in the world, but the Islamic Republic is usually smart enough to a) use proxies; b) only hit US interests overseas.

Would this be the first time Iran had sponsored a terror attack within the US […]

Obama blows whistle on his own law enforcement agents in Mexico

Jim Kouri Law Enforcement Examiner 8/15/2011

President Barack Obama surprised federal, state and local law enforcement commanders and officers when he told a group of Latino reporters at the White House last week that the U.S. deployed at least 25 U.S. undercover agents to drug war-torn Mexico.

In a surprise admission, the president appeared almost […]

Obama’s Watergate

Doug Hagmann Canada Free Press 7/11/2011

Just after 10:00 a.m. on March 23rd, 1973, John Dean, White House counsel to former President Richard M. Nixon advised Nixon of “a cancer within-close to the presidency, that’s growing. It’s growing daily.” Within the same breath, he advised Nixon that “people are going to start perjuring themselves very […]

Hezbollah Teams Up With Mexican Cartels

Van Helsing Moonbattery 2/22/2011

It’s a good thing that according to the head of Homeland Security, our border is as secure as ever — because just across it, Hezbollah has been working with blood-soaked Mexican drug cartels. Adam Housley reports:

“Hezbollah are absolute masters at identifying existing smuggling infrastructures,” says former DEA Chief of Operations […]

The ObamaCare Fraud

The law will penalize doctors to pay patients and penalize patients to pay doctors.

Shikha Dalmia Reason Magazine 12/31/2010

There are a great many things wrong with Obamacare, but the biggest is perhaps one that neither party is paying any attention to: It is one huge entrapment scheme that will turn patients and providers into […]