Nebraska Gives Keystone Pipeline A Clean Bill of Health

Walter Russell Mead The American Interest 1/5/2013

One of the final obstacles to the Keystone pipeline has just been cleared: A report released yesterday by Nebraska’s Department of Environmental Quality found that building the pipeline would not pose a threat to any of the state’s environmentally sensitive areas. The Wall Street Journal reports:

The much-anticipated […]

New Obama adviser embodies business-government collusion

Timothy P. Carney Washington Examiner 8/31/2011

Tim Geithner’s deputy, Alan Krueger, is a fitting pick to lead President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers — which is to say he believes in the same noxious collusion of Big Business and Big Government that has dominated the Obama administration’s economic policy.

The Wall Street bailout, cash for […]

70% of third quarter GDP was ‘Cash for Clunkers’

by Vincent Fernando The Business Insider December 22, 2009

Today’s downward revision is far worse than it first appears. While third quarter GDP was revised down by a 0.6% (2.2% vs. 2.8% previously), the contribution from motor vehicle output (which was massively stimulated by Cash for Clunkers in a one-off fashion) remains enormous.

BEA GDP […] Fights Back After White House Attack

Joe Weisenthal The Business Insider Oct. 30, 2009

Last night we were shocked to see that The White House was using its blog to tear into car website over some analysis it did of Cash-For-Clunkers. To recap: says the program was a gigantic waste with little effect. The White House disagrees.

Anyway, Edmunds […]

Cash-for-Clunkers debacle generated few new sales

By: MARK TAPSCOTT Editorial Page Editor Washington Examiner 10/29/09

Nearly 700,000 new vehicle were sold using incentives provided by the government’s $3 billion Cash-for-Clunkers program that was intended to spark the sagging fortunes of the U.S. auto industry and put legions of newer, more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles on the roads.

But an […]

Senate rejects Cash-for-Clunkers aid to charities and poor

On Thursday Sen. Tom Coburn, MD (R-OK) offered a proposal to allow traded-in Cash-for-Clunkers cars to be used to assist charities and poor families. To many of us, this amendment to the program seemed like a win-win-win situation.

But those of us who thought this amendment just made sense were wrong.

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