Sounds Like Rhode Island Republicans Dodged a Bullet

Jim Geraghty National Review Online 9/9/2010

The Democrat running for governor of Rhode Island apparently wasn’t that enamored with the idea of running as a Democrat:

General Treasurer Frank T. Caprio, the Democratic candidate for governor, met with Republican National Committee officials in February, an RNC spokesman confirmed this week.

RNC Chairman Michael S. Steele […]

No more 'New England Republicans'

Matt Purple The American Spectator 4/1/2010

During his three terms in Congress, Rob Simmons often referred to himself as a “Connecticut Republican.” The stress was always on the first word.

If Connecticut Republican is a species, then its genus is the oft-mentioned and oft-misrepresented New England Republican. Conventional wisdom holds that these are fiscally conservative, […]

RNC’s Steele talks immigration policy in meeting with Hispanic activists

Peter Hamby CNN 4/26/2010

Washington (CNN) – In a private meeting with Hispanic Republican activists last week, Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele called for a comprehensive immigration policy that puts families first – a stance at odds with some conservatives in his party who see border security and enforcement as top priorities.

Steele also […]

Are RNC donors now bankrolling Sharpton?

Peter Flaherty National Legal and Policy Center 4/14/2010

The annual conference of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network (NAN) runs today through Saturday in New York City. According to the official program, the “Republican National Convention” is among the 45 sponsors of the event that serves as Sharpton’s biggest fundraising event of the year. Perhaps the […]

RNC’s Steele ‘commits’ Republican support for amnesty

It’s April Fools’ Day all year long at the RNC By Michelle Malkin April 1, 2010

The RNC’s lavish spending problems at racy nightclubs are bad enough. But I find RNC chairman Michael Steele’s meeting with open-borders zealots to be an even greater obscenity.

The Soros/Tides/Ford/Rockefeller-funded Center for Community Change crowed yesterday that Steele […]

MoveOn to ‘Condemn the Hate’ Outside RNC Headquarters Thursday

Donald Douglas AmericanPowerBlog 3/31/2010

From NewsReal, “MoveOn Plans Hate-In Outside RNC Headquarters Tomorrow“:

The Democrat-media complex has been pushing the idea that patriotic nonviolent resistance and opposition to ObamaCare and President Obama’s drive to turn America into a full-blown socialist state somehow constitutes “hate.”

Leftists keep trying to invent new incidents supposedly showing how […]