Rangel: Southern GOP Still Believes In Slavery, ‘Racial Superiority’

Alex Griswold The Daily Caller 11/5/2014

The day after the 2014 election, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Democratic Congressman Charlie Rangel whether he wanted to walk back his comments that the GOP “doesn’t believe slavery is over.”

To Blitzer’s shock, Rangel doubled down, accusing Southern Republicans of supporting slavery and believing in racial superiority…




GOP Candidate Utters Perhaps the Single Greatest Line in Any Campaign Ad Ever

Josh Feldman Mediaite 3/25/2014

Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst put out a campaign ad this week that might contain one of the best lines in any political ad, and it came in the context of a line about something unpleasant you do with barnyard animals.

Here’s how Ernst opens the ad:

“I’m Joni Ernst. […]

Palin: China Will be 'Foreign Master' if American Doesn't Resolve Debt Crisis

Tony Lee Breitbart.com Big Peace 10 Nov 2013

On Saturday, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin compared the United States’ debt to slavery, warning Americans about the dangers of being “beholden” to China if the nation’s debt crisis is not resolved.

Speaking at an Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition event to kick off the 2014 midterm […]

Iowa audience embraces Sen. Ted Cruz

Jennifer Jacobs The Des Moines Register 10/26/2013

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Conservative purist Ted Cruz addressed the concerns of any Iowa Republicans who reject him as too rigid, arguing he […]

Which 10 states will be most affected by Obamacare?

Glenn Beck 9/30/2013

With the Obamacare exchanges set to open tomorrow, Glenn decided to amend his rule that forbids the use of President Obama’s name during the radio program. Beginning today, the Affordable Care Act will forever be referred to as ‘Obamacare’ as to ensure the President gets the proper credit for his signature legislation. […]

IRS Rejected Group on Behalf of Planned Parenthood

Mike Flynn Breitbart.com Big Government 16 May 2013

The IRS scandal of targeting tea party or conservative organizations grew deeper Wednesday with the revelation that the agency denied tax-exempt status to a pro-life organization because of its hypothetical opposition to Planned Parenthood. The Thomas Moore Society, a public interest law firm announced that one of […]