Catholic university drops all health-insurance coverage in response to HHS mandate

Ed Morrissey

Actually, it’s not just the mandate, but also the costs that will drive Franciscan University to bail out of the health-insurance business.  Before now, the Catholic institution required all students to carry health insurance; those who did not have them were required to buy insurance through the school.  That’s not entirely dissimilar to the ObamaCare mandate, although of course attendance at the school is entirely voluntary.

Franciscan University put the HHS contraception mandate as its first justification, however…

…Dozens of Catholic colleges and universities insisted that they would not comply with a government mandate to provide products and services that violate religious doctrine.  As a result, in just this one case, hundreds if not thousands of students will have to get their coverage from the government, subsidized by taxpayers, unless they can get coverage from Mom & Dad…

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