Caving to CAIR WordPress shuts down blog ‘Bare Naked Islam’

CAJ note: We’ve linked to the site on numerous occasions. Bare Naked Islam is not a hate site but a powerful voice exposing the truth of the pain and suffering perpetrated around the world in the name of The Religion of Peace™.

Hamas-Tied Unindicted Co-Conspirator CAIR Launches TOS Attack on WordPress-Hosted Bare Naked Islam

Donald Douglas
American Power

TOS is terms of service.

It turns out the Hamas-linked Council on American Islamic Relations launched a successful campaign to have WordPress censor Bare Naked Islam as a “hate site.” See Blazing Cat Fur, “BarenakedIslam will rise again…

Here’s the CAIR press release: “Anti-Muslim Hate Site Removed After CAIR’s Intervention.”

The group alleges that Bare Naked Islam threatened Muslims, and CAIR apparently moved aggressively against the blog for its leading role in attacking TLC’s program “All American Muslim.”…

The article continues, with video, at American Power.

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Update: A must-read at Five Feet of Fury:  The ridicule of sophisticated liberals is useless against belligerent Muslims

…[Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser (1956-1970)] Nasser continued by saying he told the Brotherhood leader [in 1953] that if they enforced the hijab, people would say Egypt had returned to the dark ages (to more laughter), adding that Egyptians should uphold such matters in the privacy of their own homes.

But the Muslim Brotherhood leader informed him that, as Egypt’s president, Nasser himself must enforce the hijab…

Update 2: The Astute Bloggers have more…

Common American Journal welcomes readers from Ace of Spades HQ!

Update 3: At HillBuzz Kevin pulls no punches about CAIR.

Update 4:  At Gulag Bound Bare Naked Islam Website Removed by WordPress – Cause: CAIR

Update 5: Dhimmis Bow To Their Islamic Masters at CAIR Take Down ‘Bare Naked Islam’ Blog

"It isn't Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you" ~ Bare Naked Islam


Bare Naked Islam is still up via Yahoo cache for now…

It is/was a highly successful anti-Islam blog with 15,332,181 hits and counting.

BNI tweets that Hamas/Muslim Brother Hood front group CAIR is the Islamic culprit behind the suspension. Color me not shocked…

…Donations to BNI can be sent via PayPal here

Read the complete post at Ironic Surrealism.

Update 6:  Bare Naked Islam is back……sort of

Also, WordPress caves to CAIR:

It’s amazing what 1700 people backed by big money can achieve…My understanding is it was not for what the blogger said but was due to something in comments…

Which is why we don’t open CAJ to comments. Between the feds, domineering, intolerant groups like CAIR and other thought-police we really don’t want to be held responsible for someone else’s opinion or ill-considered remark. We can get into enough trouble all on our own.

Update 7:  After reading a copy of the communication sent to Bare Naked Islam from WordPress, Prof. Glenn Reynolds thinks WordPress did the right thing. Tolerating or inviting harassment of commenters on one’s blog isn’t cool.

Is publishing commenters’ information wrong? Yes, unless the commenters have been threatening or abusive, in which case I think it’s fine. Were they? I don’t know — because when I went to the site it had been taken down. Anyway, WordPress seems to have done the right thing.

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