CBC members should stop demonizing tea partiers

Mia Love
The Daily Caller

I have yet to meet a tea party member who wants to see me “hanging on a tree,” as U.S. Rep. Andre Carson of Indiana recently suggested. He says the tea party considers me a second-class citizen. In truth, as a black conservative woman in Utah, I have been welcomed into the arms of a freedom-loving movement. The tea party reflects the principles of freedom and prosperity black Americans have long fought to win.

Today, however, some members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) are more interested in igniting racism than extinguishing it. Especially during a time when we reflect on the unity and common resolve our nation mustered in the aftermath of 9/11, we should be finding ways to bring people together, not tear them apart. Far from promoting freedom or unity, though, the CBC’s agenda calls for ever-increasing levels of animosity and, for black Americans, dependency. We will never win the fight for equality by asking to be singled out.

Carson’s comments, along with those of Rep. Maxine Waters of California telling the tea party to “go straight to hell,” send a disturbingly hostile message. As the only conservative member in the 43-member caucus, Rep. Allen West of Florida has urged the chairman of the CBC to condemn “hate-filled comments” of some members. West is still waiting for a response from the caucus, but what he really needs are reinforcements in Congress who will better reflect the diversity of views held by black Americans…

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Update: Dem Rep. Andre Carson: “We Need a Referendum On Those Members Of Congress Who Hold Extremist Views”… 

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