CBS Omits Clip From Broadcast of Obama Admitting His Campaign Has Gone ‘Overboard’ & Made Campaign Ad ‘Mistakes’

Billy Hallowell
The Blaze

t’s an undisputed fact that the American people have a high level of distrust for the mainstream media — just look at the startling Gallup numbers released last week. A recent decision by CBS News to omit a portion of an interview with President Barack Obama in which he admitted mistakes and blunders in campaign ads is likely to add to the lack of public confidence in mainstream outlets.

In an interview for “60 Minutes,” Obama surprisingly contended that some of his campaign ads and contentions “go overboard” and have errors, but these admissions were omitted from the final interview that aired.

While the network left this portion of the president’s dialogue with Steve Kroft out, CBS did post it on its web site. Still, conservative critics are wondering why such a noteworthy admission was left out of the final interview.

After all, a candidate’s claim that he has put out misleading campaign advertisements that have “gone overboard” is certainly not something that would generally be cut from a broadcast interview — particularly when it’s a candidate who has prided himself on truth and transparency.

Titled, “False Advertising in the Presidential Race,” the clip appears on the CBS web site with an intriguing description: ”President Obama says some of his campaign ads might ‘go overboard’ or contain mistakes, but most of them simply highlight the differences between him and Gov. Romney.”…

The article continues, with video, at The Blaze.

Update: Obama on “60 Minutes”: “I’m the first one to confess that the spirit that I brought to Washington, that I wanted to see instituted…”

…Our Professor-President has a way of stringing phrases along in what actually ultimately congeals into a sentence that is weirdly arranged but completely grammatical, that conveys the feeling of intelligence and thoughtfulness but — if you pull it apart — yields no significant meaning…

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