Chair Of House Foreign Affairs Committee To UN: Recognize Palestine and We Will Defund You

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Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) is the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and she has drawn a line in the sand for the United States.  She has introduced a bill which would dramatically cut U.S. contributions to the United Nations if that body votes for Palestinian statehood next month.  ”Chairman Ros-Lehtinen felt it was important to introduce the bill, which includes a title withholding U.S. funding to UN entities which upgrade the status of the Palestinian mission,  in advance of the Palestinian Authority’s statehood push at the UN,”  her spokesman told Foreign Policy.  Democrats in the House,  reports Foreign Policy,  are opposed to the bill.

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Update: U.S. Appeals to Palestinians to Stall U.N. Vote on Statehood

Update 2: Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen: USA Should Fund Only Selected Parts of United Nations

House Republicans are introducing a bill today with hopes to force major changes on the United Nations. The bill would require the UN to allow member countries to fund the UN agencies of their choosing rather than according to a formula, end funding for Palestinian refugees, limit U.S. funding to be used only for purposes specifically outlined by Congress, and end contributions to peacekeeping programs until changes in management take place.

With the United States contributing 22% of the UN’s operating budget, the GOP believes there is enough leverage to force these changes in the UN. Led by the Republican chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Ilena Ros-Lehtinen, the changes are designed to end corruption and inefficiency in the global organization. How involved do you think the U.S. should be in the UN? Let us know your thoughts in the comments…

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Update 3: American Power: Obama Administration Works to Stall Palestinian Statehood at the U.N. “Good luck with that.” Includes video.

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