Cherokee Activists Will Travel to Boston to Challenge Elizabeth Warren on Native American Claims

Donald Douglas
American Power

It seems to me that if one had such a wonderful background as a Native American you’d be exciting about meeting with those of your tribal origins. Of course, very few people make claims like Elizabeth Warren, so it’s no surprise she’s blowing smokescreens over the Bay State…

…These women are Democrats and independents, so it’s about authenticity not politics.

Should be good.

The complete article, with video of Elizabeth Warren, is at American Power.

RelatedElizabeth Warren’s Google problem, at Legal Insurrection:

Rick Santorum had a Google problem.

And so does Elizabeth Warren, although of a different nature…

…Anyone paying attention knows that it didn’t have to be this way. Warren could have fessed up and apologized early on.

She didn’t, and her Google problem is of her own making.

Read the whole thing.

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