Chicago Socialists held an ‘immigration’ protest…or was it?

Founding Bloggers

Read about this video at Founding Bloggers.

By the way, one of the protesters has his facts totally scrambled about the Spanish American War in which he says the United States seized our four border states. When his facts were challenged he ended the conversation.

Why is it these far left people are always so freaking humorless? Sheesh!

Update:  American Power Blog has more video from this event:

…The keffiyeh is the universal symbol of anti-colonialism and murderous pro-Palestinian radicalism. It’s the symbol of anti-Semitism and diabolical evil. Stupidity is no justification for such cheap and easy death-to-Jews advocacy. These people are a disgrace — the dregs of humanity, along with their pro-terror enablers on the progressive left. Yeah, that’s you pro-terror Tintin Sadly-Nihilist.

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