‘Child abusers get amnesty’: Sen. Vitter reads 1,170-page amendment to find out what’s in it





In April, Louisiana Sen. David Vitter began reading through the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill,tweeting his concerns as he made his way through the 844-page monster. Fast forward to June: Once again, Vitter is going to actually read the legislation to find out what’s in it. This weekend, he’s scouring all 1,170 pages to find out just how much of the Corker-Hoeven border security sham would make Ted Kennedy smile.

Vitter’s feed is one to keep an eye on this weekend before the cloture vote next week.


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One of the things I learned from Obamacare was that each section of the law could take many hours to understand because of cross-references to other sections and other laws.  Amendments make the problem even greater.

Put that problem into a 1000+ page  bill, and it is almost impossible to uncover all the mischief — intentional and unintentional — buried in the language, something we are learning after the fact with Obamacare.

The rush to pass the Gang of 8 1000+ page bill is another example.  As if that weren’t bad enough to start, Sen. Bob Corker last night unveiled his 1190-page amendment, and Harry Reid is rushing the first test vote to Monday.  We have seen this movie before.

There is one provision which has not received a lot of press…

…The rush to a vote in the Senate does not allow time to fully understand all the provisions.  And that’s why the rush is taking place.



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UpdateSessions: Border Security Amendment Does Not Hire Agents Till 2017

…Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) blasted the Senate’s border security amendment to its immigration bill, touted as a breakthrough for the controversial legislation.  Sessions alleged that it does not hire any new border agents until years after its presumed passage…


Update 2: They Will Risk Your Kids’ Lives Before They Risk Immigration Reform

For the Gang of 8, the choice is clear. If it’s a choice between the lives of your kids and keeping the coalition together behind their immigration reform scam, your kids lose…


Update 3: Handwritten Amendments Put Into Immigration Bill At Last Minute

A Republican Senate aide told Breitbart News that handwritten changes that have yet to be distributed to Senate offices have been added to the immigration bill…



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