China blocks Google

Chinese censors disable Google searches

Chinese censors have disabled all Google searches on the mainland, blocking the US company’s Hong Kong servers from delivering results.

Malcolm Moore in Shanghai
Telegraph [UK]
30 Mar 2010

In almost every major Chinese city, users reported that trying to access Google searches returned an error page.

The hiatus began at around 5pm on Tuesday in China. Although it was still possible to access Google’s websites, searches on any topic delivered an error message.

Google was unable to immediately confirm the cause of the problem, but said it was investigating. Chinese internet users blamed the “Great Firewall” for blocking Google searches. Google’s email services were unaffected.

In addition, Google said its mobile search has been partially blocked in China, leaving mobile phone users unable to use the Google search function.

The developments suggest that the Chinese government is preparing to make its move against Google, after the company moved the servers of its search engine to Hong Kong last week to avoid censorship.

The article continues at the Telegraph.

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