Chinese public kept in the dark on Hu Jintao’s human rights admission

Keith B. Richburg
The Washington Post

BEIJING – The BBC television report was airing a clip from Wednesday’s Obama-Hu news conference at the White House, on the touchy topic of human rights. “A lot still needs to be done . . . ,” Chinese President Hu Jintao started to say.

And then the television report went black.

Hu’s state visit to the United States has prompted saturation media coverage in China, with largely upbeat reports heralding, in the words of one newspaper headline, “a new chapter in relations.” There has been in-depth reporting on the trappings of the visit, including the red-carpet welcome, the star-studded guest list for the state dinner and the $45 billion in deals signed for U.S. exports.

But largely missing from official Chinese news media reports of the trip – and from the foreign television spots that are subject to government censorship – has been the back-and-forth between President Obama and Hu over human rights…

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