Chris Matthews: Sometimes I get the feeling that Democrats don’t want to enforce the border


Via Mediaite. Yesterday he demanded to see Obama’s birth certificate, today he’s punching hippies for being weak on immigration. Tomorrow he’ll be wearing a Gadsden flag t-shirt and doing segments on the Tenth Amendment. His assimilation is almost complete, my friends.

What he’s actually doing here, whether he means to or not, is making the case against the DREAM Act. It’s not that the subjects of that bill are unsympathetic — they’re probably the most sympathetic subset of America’s illegal alien population — but rather that because the left is transparently opposed to serious border enforcement, the right can’t afford to make any unilateral concessions on this issue. Period, full stop…

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…If you want to help Americans at the bottom, you can improve their wages by making unskilled labor more valuable, by reducing competition — or in this case, simply preventing new competition from forever entering the market.

Liberals never understand that the “problem” of income inequality, to the extent its a problem, is not a two-sided problem. The problem is not the very poor and the very rich. The very rich are not the problem, and just taking from them is not the solution. The problem is just the poor, and whether they are advancing or not. And that can’t be done just be increasing tax rates and giving handouts. Handouts only create a dependent, cynical underclass, with far greater ills than the working poor would ever experience…

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