Christians Stoned by Muslims in USA

Dave Blount

Dearbornistan, a Muslim colony on the outskirts of Detroilet, offers us a glimpse of our future if we don’t push back against expansionist Islam:

The one thing we can count on these days is that the authorities will take the enemy’s side.


Jim Hoft’s readers at GatewayPundit have plenty of related links for you to follow.

H/T The Astute Bloggers

The Blaze has the complete story and more video:

The conservative preoccupation with presenting Sharia law as a threat to the United States’ culture as well as its national security has long been an unwarranted source of liberal derision. They may want to rethink their attitude after this story…

… the event drew demonstrators, specifically a group of Christian protesters who wanted to voice their discontent with what they saw as the predominately Muslim character of the event. Whatever you may think of this motive, the results of their behavior were unquestionably shocking…


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