Christie Signs 10 Gun Control Bills

Matt Rooney
The Save Jersey Blog

Well, this post doesn’t require extra commentary from me, Save Jerseyans. At least not today. The Governor has repeatedly said that we have “enough” gun laws in New Jersey, but here’s ten more. What could I add that you aren’t already thinking?

For now, a signing statement for Assembly Bill No. 3687 is attached (it was far-and-away today’s most controversial move; I believe most of the rest were rated NRA neutral). To learn more about the status of New Jersey’s gun control debate, particularly which pieces of legislation are still in limbo pending gubernatorial action, click here.

It’s not all bad. A-3788/S-2552 (see below) has been supported by many privacy advocates. Here’s hoping some of the more egregious, outstanding gun control bills still sitting on his desk will meet with full or conditional vetoes; the politically-savvy Christie would be wise to give that pen a work-out on a few of these including S2804, S2719, S2468, S1279 and A3687.

Today’s list…


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