Christie Spars With GOP Again, This Time Over Common Core

Lisa Fleisher
The Wall Street Journal

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican who hasn’t backed down from fighting with the GOP, took on his fellow party members once again last week when he said they were wrong for opposing new education standards.

Mr. Christie, speaking at a charter-school conference, said Republicans who opposed education issues such as the Common Core State Standards were having a “knee-jerk” reaction to something the president supports…

…The new standards, which lay out what children should learn and when they should learn it, have been approved by 45 states. They were introduced in 2010 by groups that represent state governors and education commissioners, and states that adopted the standards had a better chance at winning money through the federal Race to the Top grant program.

But there is growing resistance to the standards, including from some prominent Republicans, in part because they are worried about eventually losing state control over standards, or because of academic misgivings…


The entire article is at The Wall Street Journal.


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