CITGO lowers United States, Texas and Venezuelan flags

Flag Flap in Houston

Cliff Saunders

If you drove by CITGO’s corporate headquarters yesterday you would have seen what many consider a disturbing sight.

Many Houstonians are up in arms after driving by CITGO’s Eldridge Parkway headquarters and noticing the U.S., Texas and Venezuelan flags being flown at half staff, and you let your feeling show on Matt Patrick’s afternoon show.

“I gave them a call, and the operator told me that it was in observance and respect of the death of Hugo Chavez,” Teddy told Matt Patrick on his afternoon show on The 9-5-0 yesterday.

Teddy wasn’t satisfied with the company’s explanation.

“I told the person that answered the phone that if she had a problem with raising the flag back up that I could come down and do it for her,” he said.

And it wasn’t just at the corporate headquarters. Flags were at half staff at a refinery in Corpus Christi as well.

A caller named ‘Doc’ told Patrick, “I called their facilities manager and led a march of about 800 patriots from one of my Facebook pages.”

Doc also said he would head down to the corporate headquarters and take matters into his own hands if necessary.

“I’m ready to go down there. Eldridge isn’t far from my house. I’ll either remove the flag or I will put it at full mast,” he stated.

CITGO, a Venezuelan owned company, released a statement explaining why the flags were lowered, confirming it was to honor Chavez, who died on Tuesday from cancer.

The flag may only be lowered for the death of foreign dignitaries if indicated in Presidential instructions.

Watch the KTRH video here.

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