Clinton urges redistribution of wealth

Clinton urges rich Latin Americans to pay ‘fair’ tax share

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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday urged the wealthy across the Americas to pay their “fair share” of taxes in order to eliminate poverty and promote economic opportunity for all.

In a policy speech in the Ecuadoran capital, Clinton said her appeal to overhaul tax systems did not amount to “class warfare” and was instead a recognition that the “winner-take-all-approach” was a drag on progress.

The chief US diplomat said fairer systems would ensure governments in the Western hemisphere raise the funds to pave the way for competitive economies by boosting infrastructure as well as health and education systems…

…”…in many places, including often in my own country, the simple fact is that the wealthy do not pay their fair share of taxes. We can’t mince words about this. Levels of tax evasion are unacceptably high,” she said

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