Coming to a School Near You: Common Core Approved Child Pornography

Rachel Pulaski
Guest Blogger
The Gateway Pundit

Common Core Education has sparked political controversy since the U.S. Department of Education decided to adopt its curriculum nationwide in both public and private schools. The Common Core website lists “exemplar texts” by grade which they recommend for reading and one in particular has some parents taking action. The Common Core recommends a book for 11th and 12th graders by Nobel Prize winning author Toni Morrison called “The Bluest Eye”.  The excerpts from the book are too pornographic to post here but you can choose to read them here at this link. The Bluest Eye depicts detailed accounts of incest, rape and pedophilia as “friendly”, “innocent” and “tender”.  The biggest issue with the book is that the story is told from the pedophile’s point of view so the reader can become a “co-conspirator” with the rapist.  The author purposely did not portray the pedophile’s actions as wrong so the reader can “sympathize” with the pedophile…

…Using just the smallest amount of common sense we can deduce that if the book cannot be read aloud in the class, could not be viewable if it was a movie and couldn’t be played on the stereo if it was a CD, then why is it okay for it to be read and discussed; in school of all places! In fact, according to one lawyer, if the incidents in this book were a movie or a picture there would be a very clear cut case for prosecution for child pornography…


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Update: Your tax dollars at work.


Teachers stand with rapist colleague 

On radio this morning, Glenn shared the story of John Janczewski, a resident of Rose City, Michigan whose son was sexually abused by a Rose City Middle School teacher.


Teachers in MI stand behind a colleague convicted of rape – Glenn speaks to the victim’s father 

“Just know there are millions of Americans who have heard this story now and will keep you and your family in their prayers. God bless, my friend.”


MI school votes to keep teachers who defended colleague convicted of rape

“We need time to heal, but we’re not going to give up. We need to keep going because we don’t know who the next student’s going to be. And I don’t want this happening to anybody else’s family.”




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