Communist Angela Davis Gives Opening Speech at #Occupy Oakland ‘General Strike’

Donald Douglas
American Power

Notorious communist Angela Davis has been making the rounds nationwide, speaking out for the “occupation.” And from Oakland, see: “Black Panthers and Communist Revolutionary Thug Angela Davis in Oakland.”

CAJ note: This video was posted to YouTube by who wrote:

Video footage of Angela Davis giving one of the opening speeches on the morning of November 2, 2011–The day of the first General Strike in Oakland since 1946.

Her speech is followed by an announcement stating that the Longshoreman’s Unions has shut down the Port of Oakland in solidarity with the Strike.

And if you don’t know who Angela Davis is here is her Wikipedia page. Discover the Networks has several articles about her; here is Davis’s profile on the site. It begins:

  • Communist professor at the University of California’s Santa Cruz campus
  • Recipient of the Lenin “Peace Prize” from the police state of East Germany in 1979
  • Provided an arsenal of weapons to Black Panthers who used them to kill a Marin Country judge in a failed attempt to free Davis’ imprisoned lover, Black Panther murderer George Jackson
  • Icon of the campus Left and frequent guest speaker at anti-war rallies
  • Leader of a movement to free all criminals who are minorities claiming that they are political prisoners of the racist United States
  • “The only path of liberation for black people is that which leads toward complete and radical overthrow of the capitalist class.”

As you will see if you make time to go to DTN,  it’s an extensive and thorough bio.

Update: Read what the political newsletter, CounterPunch, says about the General Strikes of 1946. Its author Cal Winslow is mentioned in this Wikipedia article about the International Socialists Organization.

Also read, Occupying the Minds of Our Youth, at American Thinker.

A friend of mine is employed by a public elementary school in Santa Cruz, California.  In the teacher’s lounge he found some troubling materials stacked on a table dedicated to the California Teachers Association.

“Considering Democracy in Occupy Wall Street,” was the title of a teaching guide recommended for grades 4-7.  The lesson plan was assembled by the Morningstar Center, a leftwing organization that teaches “social responsibility.”

In the guide we read,

“…there are some ways that our country isn’t always democratic, even though people do have rights such as a vote and free speech. Ask students if they can think of some examples. (Examples include: people and corporations with lots of money can make political contributions that give them more influence over our government than other people. Another: people who have a lot of power and resources can pay to have their opinion heard.)”

What’s ironic is that this material is being offered at a resource area sponsored by a very wealthy teachers union….

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