Congratulations to Marcus and Melanie

Feel Good Story of The Day

Babalu Blog

Lone Survivor” and US Navy SEAL (Ret.) Marcus Luttrell married his sweetheart Melanie Juneau today…

Read the complete article at Babalu. Congratulations to the newlyweds and thank you, Marcus, for your service.

You can also read about the comedic misadventures of wedding guests, Glenn and Tania Beck, at The Blaze.

Update:  “If you were paying attention to twitter this weekend, then you probably saw Glenn Beck tweet that he left his wife’s garment bag, including the dress she had picked out for the wedding they were about to attend in Texas, at home. Hint, his home isn’t in Texas.

“He tells the entire story here including what she had to wear to the wedding. ”

This is from therightscoop where you can view the video of Glenn talking about Marcus, the wedding…and Tania’s dress.

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