Congressman Allen West Joins Thomas More Law Center’s Citizens Advisory Board

Thomas More Law Center

Today, TMLC announced that Congressman Allen West (R-FL) has agreed to serve on the Law Center’s Citizens Advisory Board.


Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center stated,

We are honored that Congressman West, a courageous American patriot, has agreed to serve on our Board.  He has been steadfast and unafraid in his public opposition to the internal threat posed by radical Islam.  He distinguished himself as a combat officer in the Iraq war, and he is now distinguishing himself as a representative of patriotic Americans throughout the nation.  He symbolizes everything the Law Center strives to be, and as a member of the Citizens Advisory Board, he will help develop the Law Center’s national strategy to accomplish its mission.”

In accepting service on the Advisory Board, Congressman West stated,

“I know that the Thomas More Law Center is aggressively advancing in courtrooms throughout America the same principles I fought for as a soldier for 22 years, and what I’m fighting for now as a Congressman.  I support their mission and I am honored to serve on their Advisory Board, which is chaired by a true American hero, retired Admiral Jeremiah Denton.”

Said West,

“What impressed me about the Law Center is that it knows the true threat to our nation posed by radical Islam and it has initiated and funded more cases challenging the Stealth Jihad being waged against our Nation than any other public interest law firm in America.”

The press release continues at TMLC.

H/T Patriots for America

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