Conservative Blogger Aaron Walker Arrested in Montgomery County MD Following Court Hearing with Convicted ‘Speedway Bomber’ #BrettKimberlin

Tiffany Gabbay
The Blaze

This is a breaking story. Please check back frequently for updates.

UPDATE II: At approximately 5:30 p.m. ET Aaron Walker tweeted that he has been released but cannot reveal any additional details until he speaks with his lawyer.

UPDATE I: The Blaze spoke to a clerk at the District Court of Maryland for Montgomery County who confirmed that Aaron Walker was in fact arrested following his hearing with Brett Kimberlin. According to the clerk, he was arrested on second degree assault charges that were previously filed by Kimberlin when Walker, following a separate court hearing, took and held at bay Kimberlin’s iPad. Other reports on the web indicate that Walker was instead arrested for violating the “peace order” for which he was appearing in court.

Walker laid out the details of the iPad incident in both my and Glenn Beck’s interview last week. That account can be read here detailing how convicted Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin has been terrorizing bloggers across the country. Today, one of those victims, Aaron Walker has been arrested at court following his most recent hearing with Kimberlin, who had taken a restraining order out on the respected attorney (ironic, considering the convicted domestic terrorist was the one doing the harassing)…

The article continues at The Blaze.

UpdateBreaking: Domestic Terrorist Kimberlin Has Conservative Blogger Arrested …Update: Aaron Worthing Asks For Help

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Blogger Arrested for … Blogging?UPDATED — Another UPDATE: Arrested for Assault? I’m not sure how a restraining order can stop someone from blogging…

What’s going on in Maryland? Law Professor William Jacobson asks.

Update 2: Michelle Malin:  The Brett Kimberlin nightmare continues: Aaron Walker in custody This is about everyone’s rights…

Update 3:  Kimberlin-Walker court hearing — what happened

David Hogberg of IBD was in the courtroom today, and his account shows a judge with a misunderstanding of how the internet — particularly Google Alerts — works, and a defendant (Walker) who never should have represented himself…

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