Conservatives Come Together at Mount Vernon

By Ken Klukowski

More than a knee-jerk reaction to President Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, those gathered for the Mount Vernon Statement seemed singularly focused on the idea that the country needs a profoundly new direction, rejecting not only Obama’s agenda, but many Republican policies from the past 20 years as well.

Roughly 100 conservative leaders gathered on Wednesday, February 17 at the estate of America’s first president, George Washington, to sign what could become an historic political document that points to the direction of the conservative movement in America. Despite the mainstream media and the left proclaiming the death of conservatism, it looks like the right is back, and intends to fight.

Over year ago, roughly a dozen of the nation’s top conservatives gathered to discuss the realities and future of conservatism after the election of one of most liberal presidential candidates in American history and the big victories by Democrats in both houses of Congress.

This group founded the Conservative Action Project (CAP), under the chairmanship of a veritable godfather of the conservative movement, a man who was one of Ronald Reagan’s closest and most influential advisors, former U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese. CAP consists of leaders from all three parts of the so-called Reagan coalition: economic conservatives, social conservatives and national security conservatives.

CAP has become a major force in the nation’s capital over the past year, calling on the GOP to return back to its conservative principles and bringing various groups together to oppose Barack Obama’s agenda…

…Their declaration was unveiled on February 17 at George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate. The resulting Mount Vernon Statement is subtitled “Constitutional Conservatism: A Statement for the 21st Century,” and is meant to be an umbrella declaration for conservatives in modern America…

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