Conservatives Remember Andrew Breitbart on 2nd Anniversary of Death





Robert Wilde
Big Government
1 Mar 2014

On the inaugural episode of Breitbart News Saturday on Sirius XM radio show, listeners were treated to an array of Tea Party leaders and up-and-coming conservative visionaries celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Tea Party.

During interviews with Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, not surprisingly, almost all of them expressed their love for Andrew Breitbart and how they were inspired by the righteous indignation he expressed toward the mainstream media and the institutional left.

In tribute to Andrew on the second anniversary of his death, here are some of the thoughts and remembrances that were shared about Andrew and his legacy, Breitbart News Network, from a few of these influential conservatives:

Sonnie Johnson, Breitbart Contributor: “The one thing about Andrew that meant the most was that everyone was clamoring to hear from him, he gave other people the spot light. He lifted other people up and gave them a platform. And that was a magnificent thing about Andrew. But it was even made better, and people are now quoting me about this but it was definitely an Andrew Breitbart original that ‘If you can’t sell freedom you suck.’ And that is something I carry with me everywhere I go and every time I get a chance to say it I make sure I do.”…



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