‘Constitutional Emergency’ urges caution at tomorrow’s ‘Kill the Bill’ rally in DC

An email from the group dated 3/19 says, in part:

As you all know, there is going to be a really huge rally in DC tomorrow. Many are rightly using this rally as a final push to stop the Health Care Bill…

Some groups are calling for sit in’s etc., some groups are calling for actions of other types. I hope to encourage all of PFA members that are going to check your emotions, words and actions tomorrow. There will be plenty of opportunities to find yourselves in heated activities, discussions, etc.

I send this out, because A.N.S.W.E.R., La Raza, Code Pink and many other anti-American groups will be there. They will bait you! They will do everything they can to get you jailed. That is their game, not ours…It would really suck for the Capitol Police to have to arrest you because you took the bait of some thug punks… Remember last September how nice, polite and helpful the Capitol Police were? They are our friends, let’s not treat them like the enemy. However…You have every right to defend yourself. We do not ever strike first! Never!

Please also have each others backs. If you see older people and/or grandma’s, please be sure to have their backs…

God be with you all tomorrow!
Twana Blevins
Constitutional Emergency

Update: The venue for the ‘Kill the bill’ rally has been changed to the West Lawn of the Capitol, where the 9/12 March took place last September. The time of the event is still scheduled for 12 noon.

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