Cornel West & Frances Fox Piven admit Glenn Beck was right about their agenda

Beck was right–she is dangerous: Cornel West and Piven admit RIOTS and social chaos was what she was writing about after denying it in dozens of interviews

The Blaze

Related video: American Socialist Leader Calling for Revolution says, “We are not pacifists; violence sometimes is necessary.”

Update: More video at The Blaze, Is there a Soros, SEIU, & Piven ‘Axis of Evil’?

A compelling collection of quotes from George Soros, SEUI’s Steven Lerner and Frances Fox-Piven will help connect the dots for anyone who has yet to see the big picture on this plan to crash the American financial system. Watch the video

Update 2: If you aren’t acquainted with Mr. Soros’s history, you may find this article informative: “Destroying America will be the culmination of my life’s work and Globalist George Soros: “American Should be Replaced by a World Government with a Global Currency Under U.N. Rule”

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