Cruz Slams Anti-Free Speech Udall Amendment in Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

Andrew Stiles
The Washington Free Beacon

More than 40 Senate Democrats have signed on to a constitutional amendment proposed by Senator Tom Udall’s (D., N.M.) that would fundamentally alter the right to free speech.

Republicans are attacking the proposal, which would “give Congress clear authority in the Constitution to regulate the campaign finance system,” even though it has absolutely no chance of becoming a reality.

As Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) explains in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, Udall’s amendment is ridiculous:

Two canards are put forth to justify this broad authority. First, “money is not speech.” And second, “corporations have no free speech rights.”…

…Under the proposed amendment, Cruz writes, Congress would have the ability to:

  • Ban the National Rifle Association from distributing voter guides;
  • Ban the Sierra Club from running political ads;
  • Prohibit pro-life/pro-choice groups for spending money to advocate their views on abortion;
  • Ban labor unions from engage in voter outreach;
  • Make it illegal for bloggers to criticize the president;
  • Ban book, movies, and other forms of media that could be classified as “political speech.”…



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…Having lost the battle at the Supreme Court, Reid and his cohorts are now pushing this constitutional amendment to reverse decisions—including Citizens United v. FEC andMcCutcheon v. FEC—that protect the rights of Americans to speak their minds about elected officials and candidates and to engage in the political process…



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