Cruz’s legislation would strip Islamic terrorists of U.S. citizenship

Ted Cruz Just Announced A Bill That Would Go A Long Way Toward Protecting America From ISIS

B. Christopher Agee
Western Journalism

As troubling reports surface indicating that American citizens are being groomed by – and ultimately fighting alongside – Islamic terrorists abroad, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is set to introduce a bill that would not only prevent such militants from returning home but would strip them of their citizenship.

His initiative comes on the heels of a report by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel showing that as many as 100 Americans are currently fighting with members of the terrorist group Islamic State, or ISIS, in Iraq and the surrounding region.

A subsequent Pentagon clarification hardly makes the situation more palatable. Sources indicate that, while about 12 U.S. citizens are believed to be aligned with ISIS, another 100 have joined forces with other terror networks…



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In Britain, Farage: Use 144-Year-Old Law Act to Strip Jihadists of British Citizenship

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has called on Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron to take a stand on the Islamic State and strip UK nationals who are fighting abroad of their citizenship and cancel passports using the little-known Foreign Enlistment Act of 1870.

The move would bring the United Kingdom into line with close ally Australia…



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