Thinking Like Our Founding Fathers

Before becoming president, Barack Obama had not run anything bigger than what a community organizer would run. Today he is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the world’s largest organization, the United States Federal Government.

And along with that position comes Obama’s decision to appoint Czars to help him run this big company. It is estimated that Obama has approximately 32 Czars helping him run the United States government.

By creating these czars that are insulated from accountability, whose work is not transparent, he’s moving in exactly the opposite direction” said one of Obama’s Republican senatorial friends, Susan Collins (ME).

Obama’s Czars are:
– Appointed by him without the consent of Congress
– Have power and influence beyond his Cabinet
– Can decide on matters of policy and procedure
– and are accountable to no one but BHO

A Communist Czar In America? Take a look at this video and you decide:

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