Dallas Tea Party rouses crowd at City Hall rally

Michael E. Young
The Dallas Morning News

With dozens of “Don’t Tread On Me” flags lifting in the breeze and a bristle of signs objecting to most of what comes out of Washington, it was clear the Tea Party crowd gathered outside Dallas City Hall on Saturday was spoiling for an Election Day fight.

And then the immortal words of Twisted Sister added a pulsing exclamation point: “We’re not gonna take it/No, we ain’t gonna take it.”

Celebrating the first anniversary of the anti-big -government Tea Party movement, the crowd that organizers estimated at 2,000 heard passionate pleas for what they call the nation’s founding principles: smaller government, prudent spending and personal responsibility…

… Alfonzo “Zo” Rachel, one of several black speakers on Saturday, accused Olbermann and other liberal pundits of painting the Tea Party as unwelcoming to anyone but conservative white Christians.

“Now, answer this,” he shouted to the crowd. “Am I welcome here?”

The response was a thunderous affirmation…

… Many in the crowd, including Elida Muñoz of Carrollton, worry that programs like national health insurance are inevitable steps toward socialism, something she said she saw first-hand in her native Cuba.

“I saw what happened there,” Muñoz said, “and what we had in Cuba was very much like this. So when the Tea Party started, I jumped in. I don’t want [what happened in Cuba] to happen again.” …

The entire article is at The Dallas Morning News.

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