DARPA to use Implantable Sensors to Monitor Soldiers in the Battlefield

The In Vivo technology would also have commercial applications for physiological monitoring of patients.

Luis Miranda
The Real Agenda

How beneficial would it be for warfare if soldiers did not get sick in the battlefield, or if those who get sick could be orderly repaired? Very profitable indeed.

Last March 15, DARPA put out a request for ingenious people to come up with nano particles that could effectively be implanted into animals, plants and insects — although its intention is to implanted on humans — which could not only monitor a the physiological state of a person in the battlefield, but also to repaired him/her by providing the best ‘therapy’. DARPA intends to develop what it calls biocompatible sensors that provide accurate readings on the physiological state of a living being while avoiding any kind of invasive or toxic results…

…But monitoring is only one part of the work that the IVNs would be capable of doing. Once the sensors have fed information about the state of a soldier on or off the battlefield, the operator who monitors such information can then take corrective action. “With an appropriate array of therapeutic nano particles (to be developed under the subsequent BAA), the warfighter could immediately administer effective therapy.” So the nano particles would not only monitor the human body, but also be charged with pharmaceuticals that in most cases would medicate the soldier in order to minimize the symptoms of a disease or even treat such illness for the period of time when the troops are on the field, which would guarantee maximum performance.

Although DARPA’s dream nanodoctors are intended for the battlefield, the document also envisions their use outside of combat situations and already give it a commercial value. According to the description, the medical establishment would also reap the benefits of such technology by offering devices for the continuous monitoring of physiological activity in patients. DARPA expects that modified forms of the IVN technology not only is widely accepted by the medical community for use in average patients, but also to have a significant impact in the healthcare systems…

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H/T Capitalism: First a commercial for a lost dog, then one for a lost child and now it’s to monitor soldiers. What do you think is next?

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