David Horowitz’s Advice to the Tea Party Movement


by David Swindle
2009 November 24

…I sent a brief, friendly email back and then forwarded Carol’s letter on to Horowitz, who responded to her right away:

Dear Carol,

Thank you for your concern. The future of our country is going to rest on the shoulders of millions of Americans like you. I have written a booklet called Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution. There’s a digital version on our website but I will send you copies if you send me your mailing address.

Here’s the tactical advice I sent to Glenn before the show:

1. Do the Unexpected. Raise Their Discomfort Level. Put them Off-Balance. Invert the Myth.

All four of these objectives are accomplished by inverting the Myth. The left feeds off the Myth that they are on the side of the Underdog, they are serving the underserved, defending society’s victims, championing the oppressed. And that you are the oppressor. By picking an issue and framing it so that it inverts the myth you accomplish all of the above. E.g., by having a Die-In outside mammogram facilities you dramatize that Obamacare will take a vulnerable group, women, and reduce them to budgetary statistics, and sentence individuals to unnecessary deaths. (Obamacare will do this to everyone, but since women have been portrayed and are perceived as a victim group, this dramatizes the way in which the socialist state is an oppressor.)

2. Make your point in a sound-bite or an image.

3. Provoke the left. Since the left controls the media, the key to getting media attention is to tick off the left. When the left squeals, the media listen. Inverting their Myth is the best way to do this…

The complete article is here.

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