Debt-ceiling update: The Rose Garden Collapse

Glenn Reynolds

DEBT-CEILING UPDATE: The Rose Garden Collapse. “The White House dished out the spin that suddenly the Tea Party crowd had nixed a deal. In reality, the White House had upped the ante on taxes.”

Republicans need to respond with my revenue-enhancement ideas.

UPDATE: Reader Steve Barns emails: “I want money taken from any multigenerational family trust to be taxed as ordinary income. Twice that rate if a family member has ever been a Senator or Congressman.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Reader James Becker writes:

If I were Boehner, I’d offer a full repeal of all Bush era tax cuts in return for repeal of Obamacare.

Then – after Obama nixed the deal, I’d spend the next 100 interviews talking about the evilness of Obamacare.

Even if Obama approved of the deal (fat chance), it would be a win for liberty.


RelatedAre there details in Obama’s Grand Bargain on Deficit Reduction?

…What Ryan Grim didn’t tell us was whether the president offered details of the specific cuts in his supposed “grand bargain.”  Recall the Democrat’s ballyhooed April 13 speech on the budget where he also proposed cutting federal spending.

He, however, offered no plan which would make those noble sentiments a reality.  So devoid was the plan of detail that the Democrat-appointed head of the Congressional Budget Office couldn’t score it.  ”We don’t estimate speeches,” Doug Elmendorf said,  ”We need much more specificity than was provided in that speech for us to do our analysis.”…

Also, Obama’s Demand for the GOP to Provide 2012 Campaign Narrative Fails

Update: Statement by Speaker Boehner on Debt Limit Discussions and By the end of his first term, President Obama will have added as much debt as all the prior 43 presidents combined

Update 2: Van Jones: Budget Talks Are Stuck Because ‘A Small Number Of Extremists Hijacked The Base’ (Video) Because, you know, “ordinary people, they’re not talking about the debt ceiling”. The Obama White House says, Who really cares about unemployment anyway? Rasmussen polls would suggest something different. For example, 55% Say Decreased Government Spending Good for the Economy and 72% Favor Free Market Economy Over One Managed by the Government

Update 3: Several conservative bloggers have called this weekend Boehner’s “Reagan in Reykjavík” moment. Video at The Daily Caller, Major Garrett gives high marks to Boehner: ‘Stronger’ than Gingrich

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