Dede vs. Doug: nobody but us ‘got it’

by Stephen Kruiser
Saturday, October 31, 2009

…Let’s be clear, I’m not one of those conservatives who is always prattling on about RINOs. In fact, this, I believe, is the first time the term has ever appeared in a blog post of mine. I have no problem with moderates in the GOP. What I don’t like is the idea that conservatives must be abandoned in the name of “electability”…

Since last February a rather rapid shift has been taking place on the Right. Conservatives who used express their displeasure with the GOP by simply staying home on election day (see: 2006 & 2008) decided to get out of the house and start putting faces and voices on our angst at Tea Parties.

Nobody but us got it. Elected officials and GOP party insiders ignored us. With no support at all from within the ranks of establishment Republicans, the Tea Party movement has battled an unceasing barrage of lies and attacks from Democrats at all levels, the MSM and every entertainment industry lefty thought-barfer in America.

Despite the 24/7 exhortations to go away and let our elected officials decide what’s best for us we’ve managed to increase our ranks and grow stronger.

The problem in NY-23 wasn’t the voter demographics of the district, it’s that the NRCC is so out of touch and unimaginative that those demographics were all they could focus on…

…The momentum arrow on the Right runs from the ground up now. Newt didn’t (maybe still doesn’t) understand that. Neither did (do) the GOP party operatives. Whether Doug Hoffman wins or loses is almost irrelevant at this point. What’s important is that the alleged party elite begin to grasp the New Republican Order and decide they might want to win future elections by backing the correct candidates from the beginning…

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