DeMint: 'I’m not leaving here to be an advocate for the Republican party'

Erika Johnsen

Sen. Jim DeMint, who by now you know is 1) departing the Senate to head up the Heritage Foundation, and 2) being replaced by Rep. Tim Scott, took to the Senate floor this afternoon to give the traditional farewell address.

Economic freedom, federalism, individual choice, independence, smaller government; as DeMint says, these are all-purpose, workable American ideals and proven solutions rather than complicated political fabrications and phony talking points. The problem, of course, is that conservatives can have the best ideas and solutions on the planet, but these ideas cannot do anybody any good unless conservatives can effectively package and sell them to the American people, who can then send the right representatives to Washington to get the job done. It sounds like DeMint intends to use his next job to focus more on marketing and grassroots outreach — and those are undoubtedly things on which the conservative brand sorely needs some assistance…

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